Shampoo Cond

January 3, 2006 by The Gossip Chic  
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Shampoo Cond

Shampoo Cond
Is it bad for my hair if you shampoo / cond at night and then in the morning just rinse and condition?

Swim at night, so I which shampoo to get the chlorine out. But then in the morning, my hair is greasy (I have oily hair) and I have that feeling fresh and clean bouncy hair. So it would be correct if only washed and packed in the morning before dry fly? Or when I clarify, does that wash the shampoo from the night before?

You can not "clarify" out shampoo, let me explain: it acts like a soap that removes oil or bleach in the hair and rinse all washed when leaving shampoo in her hair. As you have oily hair (which can be attributed to wash more like the more you wash the more oil that is produced to counter this) must wash, rinse, repeat then just add conditioner to the ends as midlenghts and oil is a natural conditioner. In the morning you can dip your hair then apply a spray of air at the ends. Hair should only be shampooed every two days, when possible.

Coconut milk shampoo/cond give away!

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