Shampoo Liter

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Shampoo Liter

Shampoo Liter

Many people are interested in wildlife. This involves using products that contain no harmful or caustic chemicals. Many of our daily cleaning and personal beauty products contain dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer or chronic illnesses down the line. To avoid this, more and more people are seeking natural alternatives.

One of the most used is the shampoo. Many people wash their hair every day and repeated exposure to harmful chemicals may pose a risk in the future. Other people simply enjoy the use of essential oils and want to use every chance they can. For those interested in making your own shampoo with essential oils, there is no recipe below.

- 1 liter of water
- 4 drops of essential oil rosemary
- 2 teaspoons saponaria root
- 2 teaspoon rosemary

You have to put the saponaria and rosemary in a pot with 1 liter of water. Let get water to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes. Cool the mixture and then strain. Add 4 drops of essential oil. It takes about a cup every time you wash your hair. Save the rest of the shampoo in the refrigerator. It will last about a week. You can keep in the freezer if you need to keep longer.

When you make shampoo with essential oils, it is important to note that not having the same power brought foam to the store shampoos do. This is because the shampoo that you buy at the store have foam agents. Your homemade shampoo is also likely to be a much thinner after commercials.

Another option is to use essential oils in shampoos you already have. Feel free to experiment. Lavender has a pleasant smell and can be calm. On the other hand, peppermint essential oil and citrus oil, will help strengthen the scalp. You may want to dilute the oil with a teaspoon of alcohol before adding to the mix.

Essential oils can be used in recipes homemade shampoo. They are also a good addition to the store shampoos brought. Add favorite essential oil can help individuals benefit from either soothing or invigorating effects of the oils. Adding close 4 drops of essential oil or oils of your choice, should be enough to make his own sake or add to what you already own.

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