Shine Serum

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Shine Serum

Shine Serum

The market for skin care is flooded with a wide range of products for skin care. With hundreds of products to choose, how to know which one is right for you?

Skin care products are available in a variety of forms of knowledge, lotions, serums and creams. All are very moisturizing qualities similar. The three of them contain moisturizers that hydrate the skin and emollients that seal in the moisture of the skin. However, his consistency is what makes all the difference in deciding which be the right choice for your skin type. Lotions have a thin consistency, due to high water content. Contrary to this, the creams are thick and contain a large moisturizing nutrients. And then there are the serums, which are the thinnest of the three. The sera are almost like water and best used in combination with lotions and creams. Let's examine each in more detail.

Lotions are lighter weight substances containing less oil and maximum water. Due to low oil content, are very suitable for people with oily skin. Moisturizers are an indispensable part of the system of skin care; lotions can be used for normal to oily skin. Not only are they easy to apply but are readily absorbed through the skin and are available in a variety consistencies depending on the water / oil in them. Therefore, there are products available for oily, normal or even dry skin.

Suggestions Product:
Obagi C-Exfoliating Day Lotion - Day Lotion Obagi exfoliates the skin surface and accelerates skin cell renewal. In addition, keeps the skin well hydrated and protected for flawless looking skin.

Cream skin care is characterized by coarse texture and rich consistency. The creams are excellent for dry skin, providing extra moisture for the dry skin cells. Moisturizers contain a large amount of nutritional agents such as oils, moisturizers, moisturizers, herbal extracts and so on. Creams to create a protective layer on the surface of the skin and seal moisture protect against further environmental damage. Because of this, the skin becomes soft and flexible and feels soft to the touch. The creams are ideal for dry skin and normal, but not suited to oily skin. Would add only that the oil content and make the skin look shiny and greasy. Even skin combination may not be able to accommodate oil High-creams and skin care can create a glow during the day.

About Product Suggestions:
â Journée € ¢ NeoCutis Bio-restorative Day Cream - A great â € ~ four-in-Onea € ™ care product containing skin that helps PSP to improve the appearance of aging skin. containing a mixture of antioxidants that protect skin against environmental aggressors and UVA / UVB SPF 30 +.

â € ¢ NeoCutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream â € "is the first anti-aging moisturizer to contain PSP, a unique combination of factors human growth and cytokines that provide a reduction in visible signs of aging as wrinkles, fine lines and sun damaged skin.

Serums are water based and absorbed into the skin instantly. They are applied before other lotions or creams that can be absorbed before additional barriers are placed in the skin. Sera also provide powerful active ingredients into the skin and even have moisturizing effects.

Product Suggestions:
â € ¢ is Clinical Poly-Vitamin Serum - It regenerates and hydrates the skin and provides essential vitamins, and antioxidants bionutrients aid in healing of many skin problems.

â € ¢ Clinical Hydra Cool Serum is â € "This is not only moisturizing, soothing, but also anti-acne properties. Excellent for treatment of sunburn and skin hydration after shaving. It also contains botanicals and bionutrients.

â NeoCutis Hyalis € ¢ â € "is a lightweight, oil-free lotion for skin care that immediately hydrates and refreshes skin. It is one of the few products on the market that contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid available.

About the Author:

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific. She has authored several articles about skin care and skin care products including many from Obagi and iS Clinical range of skin care products.

Article Source: - Lotions, Serums Or Creams – What’s Best For You?

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