Simon Monjack Speaks Up Regarding Britanny’s Death

December 22, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Brittany Murphy Passes Away Early Sunday Morning!

The producer-director husband of the late Britanny Murphy, Simon Monjack  has finally spoke up regarding her wife's death at Access Hollywood.

To clarify things up, especially the issues of suicide and drug addiction, Simon graced the public for an interview.

"She had laryngitis. She had been tired at the end of the year. She had made a couple movies”,
he said during the interview and noted that Britanny have seen her doctor regarding her condition.

“[Her mother] Sharon went into the bathroom because she had been in there a long time. Her mom screamed for me and I ran. Then called 911,”
Simon revealed.

"My world was destroyed yesterday,”
an emotional Monjack told Access Hollywood.

It's so uneventful to hear someone dying, especially a good actress like Britanny Murphy now that Christmas is near. Let's all pray for her soul as well as the fast recovery for her family.  We will surely miss you Britanny! Thanks for the great movies you shared.

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