Stay Place Makeup

December 7, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Stay Place Makeup

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Stay Place Makeup
Is this the wrong way to apply makeup and what is the right way?

My makeup ends up looking like a thick layer with powder over it, very fake and unattractive. This is how I apply it:

1. wash face and dry
2. apply moisturizer (otherwise my face is too dry)
3. Apply liquid foundation
4. Apply powder over to give mat look and not be too shiny, to help makeup stay in place

It just looks awful and I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Any advice?
awesome tips!! I really thought it must be my skin, but I love the tips y'all are giving me. a) I will mix makeup w/ moisturizer to thin it down b) will use loose powder applied with brush c) use translucent color d) use oil blotter to remove excess oil (instead of applying more powder) thanks!!

i would look at the quality of the products you are using- if you are buying your makeup at target, you aren't going to get the best or the healthiest products!

your order is correct, but make sure you are using a TRANSLUCENT powder, not a full coverage one.... if you use liquid foundation you don't need the extra double the coverage

also, if your face gets dry, make sure you exfoliate your skin. i use a gentle exfoliating wash by philosophy and it works wonders. you have to remove the old dead skin cells 1st

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