Steel Compact Mirror

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Steel Compact Mirror

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Steel Compact Mirror
which would you like to recieve as a favor from a wedding?

im having trouble picking what kind of favors to give at my wedding in june.

i like personalized brown & yellow deck of cards for the male guests and
boxed chocolates for the child guests

& the others are..

Sandlewood fans

Tall Calylilly candle holders with candle

Sets of Coasters

Boxed Stainless steel 'cheese' knives with the letters love etched in the blade

Heart keychains

compact mirrors

I have approximately 250-275 guests.
25 are children.
the color theme is chocolate sunshine. (brown & yellow)
the crowd will have 40% of people in thier 20s.
Everyone else would be around 40 & up
i dont know if any of this information makes a difference in choice..

your advice is appreciated. Thanks.
whats with u ppl throwing favors away b4 u even reach home.
Thats horrible & ungrateful.
i hope u dont give gifts to others.

Actually, I personally, think the best favors are edible becasue everything else really are expensive trickets. I think the best out of your gifts are the playing cards, if people in your family love to play cards. My finace's family really love spades. They play tournments at family gatherings so we were considering cards as favors.

Sandlewood fans- would be nice but I don't see the male guests really liking.

Tall Calylilly candle holders could also look nice and be decorative but if someone already has their style it might seem odd/out of place. Also, not everyone loves lilys and I'm one of those people. I can't stand Calylillies and hate having them trust on me. So maybe this is personal.

Coasters could be nice, but most coasters I see on favor sites look impractical and lame. If you are going to do this get a simple set (e.g. no glasses embrossed/engraved coasters.)

Cheese knives- maybe, I can see this being something practical and cute. Men and woman wouldn't have too much of a problem with this.

Keychains- no. I can't think of any grown man who would like a heart keychain, and women might. This would be a cute gift for a Junior Bridesmaid

Compact Mirrors- would be a decent idea for your MOH/Bridesmaids if they are into make-up and if the mirror look really nice.

By the by, the favors for our wedding will be pieces of homemade rum cake (my recipe) placed in cute pastry boxes tied with ribbon. Mainly because many family members love my rum cake and ask for it at events.

No items matching your keywords were found.

Compact Survival Kit Pt. 1

Flexibility of Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

A cabinet with mirror on it is an essential item for any type of bathroom, whether modern, traditional or contemporary. The restroom mirror cabinet will help reflect light and brighten your toilet as well as being useful.

If you want something completely different, find an architectural salvage store and buy an old wooden lavatory medicine cabinet, which often comes with a heavy beveled storage.

Without a good bathroom reflection, we would all be a bit self-conscious about showing ourselves to the world every morning.

So what makes one restroom emulate space better than another?

Mirror bathroom stands out as a multiple purpose cabinet with elegance and cuteness in style. It can be used as a medicine cabinet, storage for your beauty products, and as an addition to the beauty of your lavatory.

The purpose is not just to show your physical reflection but is also the secret why your toilet occupies much bright light making it bigger and wider.

The light traveling at your comfort room is being passed through the reflection releasing abundant brightness.

It can also be placed within a bedroom, living room or kitchen depending on your own personal preference.

In purchasing this cabinet, you should not only select a fantastic storage solution for lavatory, but also a compartment with reliability for use in the long term.

Some mirror bathroom cabinets are really elongated with double doors. As an addition, it provides an open storage shelves in either side for use with your toilet ornaments.

Others are almost minimalist, compact in size and design with stainless steel or chrome plate, and the basic door mirror.

Purchasing this item in your comfort room or in any part of your house can make a big difference in the way you organize your little personal things.

Choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet with enough dividers can handle your personal beauty products and other small items in a neat way.

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