Stencil Shaping Tool

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Stencil Shaping Tool

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Stencil Shaping Tool
I need eyebrow stencil help, please?

This is my first time doing this myself... This is my stencil,default,pd.html I really want this shape, I have thick eyebrows. I'm going to color in the shape with my eyebrow pencil what should I do with the excess hair that's not needed? Like, remove with what tool? Is this even how I'm suppose to do it? Thank you.

u put the eyebrow stencil on and using tweezers, u pluck around the stencil

Get Good Embossing Results

Embossing is a technique that creates a raised text on metals and non metal surfaces. It is done by using embossing tools, dies, stamps, powder and other embossing stencils. The tools used to emboss the surfaces raises the pattern out-lines from the surface. The effects used in embossing makes the surface more beautiful and eye catching as compared to simpler ones. It adds style and elegance to your artistic creations by the embossing effects.

Types of embossing

There are four types of custom embossing which gives different looks to the stamped image.

  • Registered Emboss: It is an embossed image that exactly registers to a printed stamped image
  • Blind Emboss: The color of the image is the same as a metal or non-metal surface. The embossed image is not stamped over a printed image.
  • Combo Emboss: This type of emboss is also foil stamped.
  • Glazing: It is that type of embossing that appears to be polished.

Direction and placements

The placement of the paper is very necessary while embossing the images. The paper is inserted in the direction of the hand of the embosser. It is a must to specify the hand at the time of making the order. The image will be sideways if placed from the right side with a bottom handed embosser. The image will be upside down, if it is placed from the top of the page with the bottom handed embosser.

Make sure that the image contains bold fonts without the fine details. Embossers can not hold minute details in the image. Generally, the embosser has a text in a circle with a graphic in between the inner and outer circle. The embossers are available in many shapes and sizes. The pricing is based on the die size, reach and also varies if customer supplied graphics are used. It is rightly said that the larger the die size, the better is the quality of embossing paper.

It depends on the thickness of paper which is to be embossed. If the paper is thick then the negative die needs to be cut deeper and wider so as to give the desired results.

Embossing dies and tools

The most commonly used metals are magnesium, copper and brass. It is determined by the shape of the image which is to embossed. These tools are capable of embossing large images and letters. Brass dies are made by a semi photographic process. It is used to emboss fine lines, combo foil stamping and embossing.

An embossing expert from Acorn Sales has written this article. For more detail about custom embossing here.

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An embossing expert from Acorn Sales has written this article. For more detail about custom embossing here.

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