Strength Hair

December 16, 2005 by The Gossip Chic  
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Strength Hair

Strength Hair
How can I improve the strength of my hair?

Recently been struggling with my hair dry and cold winter in Canada. And it is to lose the natural strength and thickness. What supplements or foods I can take a little longer to get back to hair that is precious to be again?

It's a little too late to think about food for your hair now! That should have been for many months. There are two factors that need to look at regarding the health of hair: 1. the Moisture 2. the structure of the moisture (water) in the hair is what gives you the flexibility softeness, bounce, shine. The winters are hard on hair and skin ... need more water you. But it is necessary to use products that put water in her hair - not oil or wax. Look NaPCA in products for moisture. The strength comes from the protein structure of hair. It gives the hair body and bounce and strength to hold together. That comes from being healthy and having a well balanced diet, so that can be formed under the skin. Once that is outside, not much can be done about it then! You need to rebuild the protein structure of hair with a good condtion .. not an oil or wax! There are a couple of good things in the market made by Redken, Nexxus or Focus21. But it is much harder to repair than it is built correctly in the first place. Protect your hair more in winter, especially of frost. That will make the open ends in the summer, guaranteed.

My Natural Hair and Strength Journey #1

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