Styling Cream

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Styling Cream

Styling Cream

The variety of recipes for cheesecake New York style exists mainly in the small variations in the basic ingredients of the recipes. Some may have a little more cream, or a little less. Some others may split between cream and Neufchatel cheese. I've even seen some that attempt to use ricotta cheese, but not with much success.

If you want to make some changes in the basic composition of his own recipe for cheesecake New York style, you're free to experiment. However, keep in mind that you need to maintain the proper ratio of ingredients to maintain the base of the soft texture of the cake, and to prevent collapse in the soup cheese.

The main source differences in the recipes is in the "other" dairy fat entering the recipe. Cheesecake New York style is actually quite forgiving as long as maintain the correct proportions. Let's look at some of the additions of three most popular dairy products:

Sour cream: This is my personal favorite accompaniment to cream cheese. The tanginess of the sour cream mixed with the softness of the cream cheese and sugar makes the taste buds dance enough. And as a bonus, the use of cream cheese gives a little more life. The result of using sour cream is very soft, velvety texture with just a little resistance to the bite. This is very much in line with the traditional recipes of cheesecake New York style.

Condensed milk: For those who like their sweet cheese, and I mean really, very sweet, this is the way forward. A cheesecake made with sweetened condensed milk, as the Eagle brand or brands of the home of many, is the sweetest of all cheesecake New York style recipes. In fact, it might be too sweet for some palates.

Buttermilk: Yes, believe it or not, there are individuals bold attempt to make cheesecakes and butter. The less said about these poor fools, the better.

Cream cheese is the addition of traditional, but feel free to experiment!

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