Super Hold

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Super Hold

Super Hold

After a semifinal close ties to the NFL, which the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals emerged victorious by defeating the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively, now comes the finale in which to play the major football trophy in the 43rd edition of the Super Bowl.

With the same ambition and dedication of the Cardinals and the Steelers will face off in a fierce encounter, in which each demonstrate different method of play they have. Will be a show filled with a myriad of emotions which measures the potent offense against the defense of one another. Both teams, already in Tampa, Florida, knew very well that there will be an easy job, hence it must have to make every effort to get the trophy.

Arizona Cardinals, champions of the National Conference, have the opportunity to participate for the first time ever in a Super Bowl appearance that makes them the second favorite to win. Furthermore, their participation irregular _in this season despite reaching the big strike final_ and poor earnings, are other factors that Arizona be addressed, what makes them fight harder.

Moreover, the fact of being the first time in a Super Bowl is helping the Cardinals to stay motivated after all they have discovered how to overcome the bad times had passed, leaving all the criticism and mockery of them got behind. For the moment, and to keep pace, the team is trying to be a bit disconnected from all the pre-encounter, in an intention to keep all their concentration on the game that can make writing the best page in their records.

Arizona has been very positive change in their performance on the football field, helping them to exceed the expectations of those who said the cards I had no chance of advancing. Staying together has been one of the main keys to this team, with the support of as great players like Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and the veteran quarterback, Kurt Warner, you're ready for the last position.

For Pittsburgh, the glorious champions of the AFC, the medium atmosphere of the Super Bowl is no stranger to everyone, on the contrary, have the experience of participating in six times and winning five of them. Based on the success of growth and good performance they had in the current season, the Steelers are the favorites to win. Therefore, they are trying to hold onto the positive energy that previously worked and brought to the final.

No doubt Pittsburgh will give a great show in their battle for a sixth title. Once again the weight of the equipment will be on the shoulders of QB Ben Roethlisberger, who was an important part in the Steelers' fifth victory in Super Bowl XL (2005). Ben, along with Troy Polamalu will be responsible for maintaining the offensive against, in order to demonstrate the force with which his defense team can impose.

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