Super Skinny Relaxing

November 28, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Super Skinny Relaxing

Super Skinny Relaxing
What is your opinion on this back to school outfit?

I like the skater and emo looks but I can be labeled as a prep so this is kind of a mix.


Tee (in white):

Hoodie (in black):

and then id just wear a tank, converse, some jewelry, a belt, and a tote with it. Do you like it??

I put it together on polyvore to see how it would look:

i think it's very cute, but i prolly wouldn't wear it on the first day of school. your back to school outfit is supposed to be your favorite new thing you bought over the summer, so unless this is your favorite new outfit you got for school i would save it for later on in the week.

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