Sweet Almond

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Sweet Almond

Sweet Almond

Sweet almond oil, might almost have been made by nature specifically as a natural skin care. However, before discussing this oil in particular, why natural products are used to care for your skin? What about the thousands of commercial products out there on the pharmacy shelves supermarket?

To answer this question, you should consider what your skin is. Many people forget or do not realize that their skin is not just a body exterior covering that you can decorate and abuse in the way you want. It is an important organ of the body, and is, in fact, the heavier body weight, and also the most large surface. This is a biological fact that no biologist will argue against.

The skin has many things for you. It breathes and is easily absorbed other substances. His sweat prevents overheating, and also allows the excretion of toxic substances from your body. The sebaceous glands lubricate skin and hair, keeping your hair beautiful and shiny. It also protects your skin from the effects of harsh chemicals that can cause dermatitis.

Your skin bacteria to protect against bad germs that can make a mess if they penetrate the skin, and several more properties that skin has to keep him young. This is the living, breathing organs, and must be cared for.

While many synthetic skin products could do any damage to your skin, there are so many that. A good rule of thumb is if you can not mean an ingredient, then do not use! If you do not know what they put on the skin then do not. Read the labels, because many care lotions skin, oils and butters contain harsh synthetic chemicals designed to emulsify the oil with water to make a cream or to help spread on your skin or to help penetrate right into the lower layers of the skin.

Substances such as sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, mineral oils and hydrogenated lecithin can cause problems. Ethanolamine, lactic acid and the disodium EDTA should be completely avoided. If you see propylene glycol (antifreeze) in the ingredient list, this penetrates the skin membrane and thus open to infiltration by other toxic substances that your skin is designed to repel.

These are only very few the horrors that many commercial preparations of skin care contain. Not all of them, by any means, but still too many. Sweet almond oil-containing substances no added chemicals, and is 100% natural product for skin care. It is one of many natural oils that can be used safely on your skin without having to worry by understanding a list of ingredients.

It's not just the chemicals that have to worry with synthetics. Some contain substances as collagen extracted from animal body parts, like your skin. Chicken feet are another source for collagen.

Sweet almond oil contains vitamins antioxidants A and E, and some vitamin B antioxidants help keep skin looking fresh and young, protecting it from free radicals that modern pollution produced in large amounts. The same applies to snuff smoke and pesticides, and sunlight too hard. Omega 3 fatty acids also protect your skin, and oil is generally a very beneficial natural skin care product.

The next time you are in search of an oil or skin cream, have a look at the labels. Do not assume that if you have a fancy name for science to be good for you - quite the reverse is often the case. Go instead of a natural oil or butter and oil Sweet Almond is very safe and very gentle on the skin, while helping to keep it soft and flexible and to keep it looking young and healthy.

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Natural Skin Care : What Is Sweet Almond Oil Used For?

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