Sweet Spot Lip

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Sweet Spot Lip

Sweet Spot Lip
If i were to use a pic of a hot, sweet, and tender young lady as my avatar?

with thickness in all the right spots, with a smile that would not fail, with lips as juicy as a tasty orange, with mesmerizing eyes and long beautiful hair, would that help me to get more answers when i post a question? regardless of what i ask?
P.S young lady meaning 18 and over.


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How To Make A Woman Come With Your Fingers And Tongue

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1. Take It Easy

Never ever dive in and start licking her clitoris this is a real turn off, instead kiss her neck, kiss and caress her back and her legs. In other words get her relaxed while you build anticipation by avoiding her vagina. When it is time for cunnilingus be gentle and kiss and suck every bit of her vagina leaving the clitoris till last.

2.Clitoris Stimulation.

No woman is the same so when licking and sucking the clitoris you need to read her body language, if she tenses up then she does'nt like what your doing, if she groans and relaxes then you have found her sweet spot.

3. Tongue Action.

This where most men go wrong during cunnilingus by going at the vagina and clitoris like a man man. Instead you should relax your tongue and and lick with the flat part of it and be gentle.

4. Fingers.

Use your fingers while you are licking women love it when you put two fingers inside her vagina while you lick the outer lips gently. The orgasms this method gives are amazing. Remember to keep the beat, that is stay at a steady constant speed as this will heighten her orgasm.

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