Miley Twerks It in New Facebook Video: Watch Here!

March 21, 2013 by The Gossip Chic  
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She’s always enjoyed hamming it up for the camera, and Miley Cyrus just posted a new video to her Facebook page to show off her killer dance moves.

In the clip, the “Party in the USA” babe proves that she can’t be tamed, shaking and gyrating all over the place in a unicorn onesie.

Cyrus even gets a little R-rated with her ‘twerking’ technique, likely causing fiancé Liam Hemsworth to sweat a bit.

And it seems Miley impressed fellow celebrities like Pharell Williams and Amber Rose, who both re-tweeted her video shortly after it was initially posted.

Model Cara Delevingne commented, “TWERK! Check that unicorn ass out! If only the dinosaur was there :(

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      Wrinkle Fat

      November 20, 2007 by The Gossip Chic  
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      Wrinkle Fat

      Wrinkle Fat

      That wrinkles and lines dislike the most? Are these lines and wrinkles the type that is best eliminated using Botox?

      If you choose to delete only wrinkles can be treated with Botox, that any of the other will still dissatisfied with their appearance? For example, if you want both the eyebrows and the lines marionette removed, probably need a different cosmetic procedure to have the marionette lines eliminated.

      It should be noted that Botox injections work better in the crow's feet (wrinkles radiating from the outer corners of eyes), the worry lines (horizontal forehead lines), and lines of expression (vertical lines, also called frown lines that appear between the eyebrows). These are the wrinkles that are typically caused by chronic contractions of the muscles under or next to these areas of the face. Laughing, smiling, frowning and squinting are some common facial expressions that can cause these lines. If you have lines and wrinkles in other parts of the face that worry you, you may need other types of cosmetic procedures to remove them. With this in mind, consider these questions:

      That wrinkles and lines dislike the most? Are these lines and wrinkles the type that is best eliminated using Botox?

      The following are the types of lines and wrinkles:

      From the top of the face down, bothersome facial wrinkles have the following names and locations. Please mind that Botox is not the best choice for all types of wrinkles and lines.

      The front lines: horizontal lines, often called lines of concern. These lines form mainly because the front underlying muscle, which extends over the forehead, moves to make facial expressions. When lifting your browsometimes called aha "or surprised lookthe muscle contracts, which makes the skin overlying the muscle to pull the wrinkles, and then return to its original position when relaxes the muscle. Now consider the countless number of times you have used these muscles. As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity, it suffers damage the sun, and permanent recruitment and muscle relaxant results in forehead lines. These can be eliminated using Botox or filler injections such as collagen or grease.

      Expression lines: vertical lines, also known as glabellar lines, which appear between the eyebrows. These Linescan make appear serious, angry or stressed, even when you're not. It is for the removal of these lines that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave approval for Botox in April 2002. These lines are best removed with Botox. If you've frowned a lot over the years and the lines are very deeply etched, you may also have wrinkles fillers (eg, collagen, fat) to eliminate these lines. Your doctor will discuss your options with you.

      The crow's feet: the lines radiating from the outer corners of eyes. They are also known as periorbital lines. If you have these lines, which are most likely the result of smiling and squinting. If you look in the mirror ands mile or squint, notice how your muscles contract and cause the eyelids to nearly cover the eyes and how the muscles contract at the corners of her eyes, where the lines appear. Crow's feet are best eliminated with Botox, and adjuvant treatment such as collagen, chemical peels or laser.

      Laugh lines: also known as expression lines or nasolabial lines, which are the two vertical lines ranging from the outer corners of the nose to the top of the outer lip. Although they are called laugh lines, gravity and aging are also factors in its development. They can best be eliminated by wrinkle fillers (eg, collagen, fat, AlloDerm, Cymetra, Gore-Tex, or SoftForm).

      Lipstick or smoker's lines: the tiny radiating lines that appear above the upper lip and below the bottom. It seems as if everyone has a different name for these annoying wrinkles, which are best removed using laser, peels, microdermabrasion, fillers or increased wrinkling of tissues (for example, collagen injections, AlloDerm, fat), and Botox.

      Marionette lines: the often deep lines that run from the outer corners of mouth toward the chin. These lines develop from a combination of factors, including gravity (the cheeks tend to sag from the force of gravity) and thinning of the supporting tissue that comes with age. These wrinkles are best eliminated using wrinkle fillers or laser. Another option is a face-lift, a complex surgical procedure.

      If you will still be disturbed by other lines and wrinkles, are you willing to have other cosmetic procedures to correct this? Naturally, you will have to consider all options and prices with your doctor, but you should be aware that other procedures may be necessary for you to get the look you want. You should also know that while Botox injections involves no recovery time, some other cosmetic procedures done.

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      Article Source: - The Beauty of Botox - Effect on Wrinkles (part 2)

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