Spray Gel

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Spray Gel

Spray Gel

With all the attention on personal attacks and crime these days, it is important to find effective protection. There are many ways to protect yourself, if someone breaks into your house or if running in the party. There are numerous brands of self-protection products available.

The newspaper published an article in Oklahoma on 31 March 2008, about a woman who was loading groceries into her truck in a semi-crowded parking lot when he was attacked by a man who dragged her into his car and got halfway before another customer in the store was able to pull her to safety. The woman lost her purse (the attacker left him), but the other client saved the life of this woman.

The victim says she never goes anywhere else without pepper spray or mace. Period. A police officer who teaches self defense in the city where the victim seconds the motion and said that his "common sense self-defense" classes, it is often advised participants to use self-protection products such as Mace brand sprays.

Mace brand has been in the market for a number of years - even before the self, madness has become so common. Mace sprays are effective, affordable and reliable. Mace Sprays also hidden in containers easy to use so that you are armed and ready to protect and defend.

Mace Sprays come in pepper spray, pepper and pepper gel foam. These have the same basic effect, however, the foam, for example, the filter into the skin of her attacker as a good moisturizer, and you burn and sting the skin so that the attacker is not time to think about coming after.

The spray, gel or foam to incapacitate an attacker who is trying to regain his breath and stop the burning of the skin and eyes. This will give you enough time to get help, call the police and / or simply enter your car and drive.

Do not become a statistic.

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