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      Powder Shade

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      Powder Shade

      Powder Shade

      When the colors used for the cover stating the dust in the UK, a number of standard color options. The most used is RAL and BS 4800. Other rules using NCS, BS and sometimes Pantone 381c. Most powder manufacturers also produce a range of tones and also house many special order colors.

      RAL Colors

      The RAL has been created by the "Committee Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen" or "the German Reich for Terms and Conditions of Sale.

      In 1927, this organization has established the first Charter of RAL colors, the color scale RAL 840 with 40 colors. Standard color RAL has about 2,000 tones.

      A small subset of RAL colors (200 shades) RAL CLASSIC covered are the most commonly used in powder coatings the UK. RAL CLASSIC Each is appointed for a 4-digit code, eg RAL 6005.

      RAL Classic colors are organized into color groups, as follows:

      Shadow 1 - Beige / Yellow / Ivory

      Shadow 2 - Orange

      Shadow 3 - red / pink

      Shadow 4 - violet / Lila / Purple

      Shadow of 5 - blue

      Shadow of 6 - Green / Olive

      Shadow 7 - gray

      Shadows 8 - Brown

      Shadow 9 - White / Black

      RAL RAL9006 & Two colors are different from other RAL9007 RAL classic tones, as they are not really the color standards (but references specific to the German railways). Therefore, the appearance of these courses vary considerably between the manufacture of gunpowder.  

      Less common is the standard design RAL which is designated by 7 digits, eg 010 30 15 and the impact of the RAL designated by a 4-digit or three digit and M (metal) For example, 310-6 and 310-M.

      BS 4800

      'BS 4800:1989 - Table of paint colors for the construction "

      Each color standard by 5-digit code composed of two numbers, one letter and two numbers plus example, 10C31.

      The same colors are also referred to in BS5252: 1976

      NCS Shades

      NCS (Natural Color System) has its origin in Sweden in the 1920s. It is designated as a "system of color vision, based on the ideas of" Das natürliche System der Farbempfindungen "published by German physiologist Ewald Hering in 1874. The NCS system is an attempt to create a color scheme visually descriptive.

      Colors in the NCS are designated by a code 8 alphanumeric characters that define the darkness, saturation and hue. The first 4 digits specify the darkness and saturation, the second group of 4 digits correspond to the color.

      For example:

      3050 Y80R means darkness 30%, 50% saturation, 20% yellow and 80% red.

      BS381 C

      The other British Standard color is' BS 381c: 1996 - Specification of colors for identification, coding and targeted.

      These grades are designated by a 3-digit numeric code eg 697. They are often specified for military and marine applications.


      The Pantone system is widely used in graphic design, printing, publishing, textile and plastics. Sometimes it is suitable for painting powder, especially when a sign or piece of architecture is required to match the company logo or corporate colors.

      The Pantone system was created in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, to identify and match colors for graphics arts community.

      About the Author:

      Andrew Sussex is Business Development Manager of Euro Quality Coatings, one of the UKs leading powder coating applicators. For more information please go to

      Article Source: - Colour standards used in powder coating

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