Season finale: Is Kate Gosselin planning ‘Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon?’

May 26, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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It’s difficult enough to be a parent – it’s even tougher to be a parent of multiples – but to be the parents of eight children and think you can endure taking your life before the ever watchful eye of cameras in a reality television show – it’s bound to spell disaster. I think that’s precisely what Jon and Kate Gosselin are finding.

The Season 5 premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was all about the fifth birthday of the sextuplets.

But not really. It was actually about Jon and Kate Gosselin's crumbling relationship and rumored infidelities.

The parents only hopped on the love seat at the end of the show when one producer asked about their future.

The two stared blankly ahead and avoided making eye contact, as if they were sitting in a marriage therapy session. They talked about their "devotion" to the children.

How truly terrible for that entire family. Regardless of whether this marriage survives this trial or not – it’s bound to leave a very deep scare on all those involved.

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