Tigi Catwalk

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Tigi Catwalk

Tigi Catwalk

Tigi Catwalk

That said, one of the earliest recognized tools used to smooth the hair is called the 'straightening comb', promoted by Madam CJ Walker, hair U.S. manufacturer of attention in the early 1900s, it looked like a pair of pliers with steel teeth. The unit is heated in a furnace and then pulled by the hair until the heat is dispersed, the process is repeated until all the hair straightened. From the beginning, the straightening comb was used by African Americans, but with the those results were sought out by others and the new methods and materials were requested.

Aluminum and steel were used in early straighteners before the invention of the hair iron or hair irons we all know and love today.

The praise of the creation of the first electric iron BaByliss has been claimed by another world-renowned manufacturer of electrical hair care, but the first electric iron is shrouded in mystery. However, one can assume that with the iron of a similar technology would be created in a similar time. Initial electrical straighteners used simple technology and contains a filament that would heat up the metal plates around. They then retreated through sections of hair, the problem with these irons were that failed to give sufficient heat lasting style, which takes us to 2001 ...

Perhaps the most prolific brand straighteners are the hair straighteners ghd ceramic, originally released in 2001 the United Kingdom, Yorkshire based, British-owned company. It says Penny Martin, founder of ghd, was shown some style sheets that had been sent by a South Korean inventor and suggested that buying the rights. Since then normally ghd turnover of £ 115m, and have launched a series of high profile straightener limited edition is, their annual Limited Edition Pink straighteners that promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The rest, as they say, is history ... Right?

In a bizarre twist, most of the hair straighteners are multitasking Electricals hair straightening that not only permit, but curly waves of creation, movies and closures as well! With fashion always changing it is important that electrical manufacturers stay ahead of the game, which means we constantly work to use the new inventive techniques, forms and materials are always entering the market all trying to best ceramic straighteners. What are the words fashion on the lips of every fashion lovers in 2009? Tourmaline and Ionic! And, of course, for his magnificent aspect to be straightened hair irons warming in no time!

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