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Tip Human

Tip Human

Life expectancy of any dog is commonly expressed in terms of dog years by us and that depends entirely on the dog's breed, size, and as the dog's environment. Several other factors affect the life expectancy of a dog. The changes cover a dog's life according to the diet provided to him and also by the number medical problems the dog tends to face over the years.

The average lifespan of a small dog like Chihuahua is about 15 to 16, while the medium-sized dogs like Border Collies have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. You can notice the big dogs like Great Dean live up to only 7 to 8 years. The calculation life expectancy of particular dog can be done accurately with the help of "size or specific breed calculator", which is said to be one of the systems more accurate measurement of age available. The size or specific breed calculator gives approximate results about the dog's predictable lifespan based in the size and breed of the dog.

It is generally assumed that, on average, "one human year equals seven dog years." This statement not be appropriate since the first two years are jointly represented by 18-25 years in these programs, and because the relationship of everything can not be generalized to all dogs, however, that belong to different sizes and breeds. An exact ratio of dog years vs. human year can not be made. However, some features obvious remain similar between both aging humans and dogs.

It is generally assumed that the human equivalent of a dog than a year, supposedly fully grown in both physical and mental aspects. Dogs like humans tend to develop muscle characteristics before they grow together with a similar mental development. Through a large study in dogs has been estimated for dogs of all breeds and sizes, almost "64 percent of the dogs" were euthanized because they are were affected with some type of disease. Only 8 percent of total dogs live beyond 15 years and nearly 16 percent of them die each year from heart disease and cancer. Human lives do not end even if they suffer from rare and incurable diseases, and this is the main reason for the life of an average human is reasonably long.

The effects of aging in dogs is said to be dormant for several years. But like humans, dogs suffer physical changes. The first sign of aging in dogs is said to lower activity levels. The sleeping period in these dogs also becomes longer. The canines experience a drastic change in your skin condition, limb usage, appetite and who experience tooth loss as well. His sense of hearing and vision also diminishes gradually. Older dogs tend to experience stiffness in his body. All these signs of aging can still in humans. The human years are extended only because of the advance of modern medicine and various other drugs that are designed to cope to symptoms of aging.

Dogs and humans may not have the same physiology, yet some obvious similarities can be noticed when both species age. Dog years and human years can not be directly related by some advance equation, but the naked eye the equivalence of corresponding features Dog years and years Humans are very visible.

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