Tourmaline Ceramic Flat

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Tourmaline Ceramic Flat

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Review: KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Karmin G3 Salon Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Info

Straightening, curling, flipping, creating waves, or adding volume to your hair – you just name it and virtually all hair styling can be created with Karmin G3 Salon Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. Introduced by Karmin, this flat iron is one of the most preferred among styling among leading hair stylists and common people alike. In fact, it is perfect for home and professional purposes, and contains in it everything that aids for a gorgeous, strain-free, healthy hair styling results.

What that makes this straightener really exceptional is its 1 inch plates that are made from 100% ceramic as well as tourmaline crystals. Another noteworthy thing regarding this styler is that it does its job perfectly on all types of hair, let it be curly, thick, fine sensitive, or chemically treated, as it is attached with variable temperature settings from 176°F to 410°F. Further, it can be effectively used to try a variety of hair styles like curling and flipping, in addition to straightening your hair. Supported by three year limited warranty, this styler is also noted for its other features such as tangle free 360 degree swivel cord and attractive as well as easy to use profile.

As mentioned early, Karmin G3 is an amazing blend of materials like ceramic and tourmaline. Further, it is complemented with the properties of negative ion and far infrared heat technologies. The unique combination of ceramic and tourmaline leads to increased amount of negative ions and far infrared rays, which in turn promotes for healthy hair styling via locking in hair’s natural moisture and color and elimination frizz. A specialty of negative ion technology is that it helps to stop the growth of bacteria and fungi that affects the healthy functioning of your hair.

When comes to far infrared heat technology, it deeply penetrates into the hair shaft to dry your hair from inside out, apart from safeguarding your hair while styling. To add to its high performance, this flat iron contains in it the elements of technologies such as ion field and micro-porous technologies.

In short, with these exceptional features, Karmin G3 Salon Tourmaline Ceramic styler is in deed a must-try hair styler! This styler is available in three colors such as Black, Pink, and White.

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