Travel Sizes Shampoos

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Travel Sizes Shampoos

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Travel Sizes Shampoos
Do you think my baby will come early?

My first baby was induced at 40 weeks... Labor was 6 hours, pushed for an hour but had pain meds...
My second baby came at 37 weeks and labor was 6 hours too, pushed for 20 minutes! All natural! No pain meds...
Right now I am 29 weeks and measuring 2 weeks bigger and have tons of back pain and groin/pelvic bone pressure! Do you think she'd come around 37 weeks too? Being as my labors are short?
And when should I start packing my hospital bag? I bought my travel sized shampoo's and soaps but when should I really get ready?

you should get ready now to be prepared for the big moment.

hospital bag

Are You Ready for A Road Trip? Travel Easy!

Are you ready for a road trip?  Travel Easy!!!

Travelling with your little one can be both fun and challenging at the same time.  Last minute packing can often lead to a stressful time , that little one has so much to pack!

Make a master check list a few days ahead of your travel listing all the important things.  This time will allow you to add things to the list that you may have forgotten upon initiating the list.  Try to  pack a few days ahead so if you need to go shopping  you will have plenty of time.  Use a diaper bag with a waterproof lining and preferably a shoulder strap ( for comfort).

Here are a few things we consider "must haves" that will help you start your list:

ü  Diapers

ü  Wipes

ü  Change pad

ü  Diaper rash crème

ü  Disinfecting hand gel

ü  Extra pacifiers ( if using)

ü  Extra food

ü  Snacks

ü  Water (for a nursing Mom)

ü  Tissues

ü  Blankets

ü  Toys

ü  Updated safety kit (especially if travelling by car)

ü  Change of clothes ( at least 2 per day)

ü  Safety mirror ( for rear facing infant seat)

ü  Sun screen to protect your baby from heat and sun

ü  Burp clothes

ü  Bibs

ü  Bottles

ü  Sippy cups

ü  Shampoo, soap and body lotion

ü  Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags

ü  Don’t forget the camera!

Because there is so much to pack, a good idea is to pack travel size products, you can always purchase more when you get to your destination.

Most important of all…..have fun!

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