Volume Shampoo

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Volume Shampoo

Volume Shampoo

How many times a week should use shampoo for hair?

Everything depends on the person and the environment in which they live. The main objective of the whole world, course, must be clean, healthy hair.

Whether you need to shampoo daily or not depends on whether you live in an urban environment where the hair is likely to collect dirt and debris faster.

It may also depend on the season. For many people, the warmer seasons of the year, their share of the shampoo more often than in the cooler seasons.

Beyond that, the steps outlined below will help to avoid unnecessary subjecting your hair to harsh treatment, or even damage when using the shampoo and the same time get great results.

Be sure to choose a shampoo that suits to your hair type, whether fat, dry or chemically treated.

Step 1

Or go through your hair with a wide-tooth comb to loosen the dirt and the dead skin and gently massage the scalp for a couple of minutes, which will do the work.

Combing also has the advantage of ensuring her hair is tangled, not before washing. Wet hair is fragile and is trying to de-tangle wet hair can cause damage.

Step 2

Thoroughly wet hair with warm water, avoid high temperatures.

Step 3

After putting a tablespoon of shampoo in the palm of one hand and then divide in the palm of the other party (just rub your hands together), gently distribute the shampoo over your hair as evenly as possible, preferably using an action petting. (See the Appendix on the quantity)

Step 4

Wash hair with copious amounts of hot water.

Step 5

Rinse hair again with generous amounts of hot water. (For many people, once is enough. It takes a lot of water to rinse away the shampoo. Remember, waste of shampoo left in the hair can contribute to dull hair.)

Step 6

Use a towel and apply hair (do not rub) to remove excess water.

Step 7

Put a tablespoon of conditioner to the palms, divide it in the palm of your other hand and distribute evenly over the surface of the hair. In general, this application of the light is sufficient to treat the hair. Usually does not increase the effectiveness of the conditioner to leave for periods prolonged. General conditioner works immediately comes into contact with the hair and the hair cuticles.

Step 8

Rinse the conditioner away thoroughly with hot water.

Step 9

Dab or pat your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Do not rub wet hair is fragile and susceptible be damaged by rough handling. Wrap the towel around his head for several minutes can be effective in getting rid of moisture.


How much shampoo should I use?

If you wash your hair every day an application of shampoo, a spoon about 1 inch in diameter, should be sufficient.

If you wash your hair after two or three days may be necessary to repeat the application.

The pH factor

Some shampoos are advertised to give more bounce to your hair or body. Some shampoos only give the impression of rebound added by the alkaline content. The reality is that can make your hair brittle and rigid.

Good quality shampoo that really add volume to your hair must be a balance between acid pH 4.5 pH 5.5.

As for the pH factor, Procter and Gamble to provide this information useful:

"When a shampoo with a pH factor applies different hair, the pH levels of the hair and scalp are altered temporarily. Often within minutes but the hair and scalp back to its normal pH after the shampoo has been washed away and the hair and scalp dry out.

It is only when the pH of a shampoo is not within the normal range of 4 to 9, which may affect hair. If left on for long, high-acid products with a pH of 4, or of highly alkaline with a pH above 9, it can break the bonds that hold the hair shaft with each other and cause permanent damage. "

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