Waterproof Undereye Concealer

November 27, 2009 by The Gossip Chic  
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Waterproof Undereye Concealer

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Waterproof Undereye Concealer
Any suggestions for a waterproof undereye concealer?

I'm going on vacation soon, and I don't want to wear a lot of makeup, but I have really dark circles under my eyes... Does anybody know of a good concealer that is waterproof? Preferrably something from a drugstore, or that I can find at Ulta, because I don't have time to order one online and there's not a MAC or Sephora or anything by me :-[

Thanks so much for any help :-]

Waterproof concealer would be very difficult to find. I've never found a base or other liquid or powder makeup that lasts. I've heard of waterproof mascara. But most makeup is made to come out with water. I would really think you would have to order something like that, even though you don't have time. Or, you could bring a concealer to reapply after you're in the water.

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