Who calls the shots in the Tomcats household ???

December 15, 2008 by marna  
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The Daily Mall is reporting a very interesting article at the status of Tomkat’s relationship. Remember how we were all speculating that Tom was controlling Katie. Well, it looks like things might be the other way around.

According to the Daily Mall:
Katie Holmes clearly has Tom Cruise wrapped around her little finger.
The 29-year-old actress has persuaded her husband to spend Christmas in the Big Apple instead of at their sprawling home in Beverly Hills.

Katie H

Katie would prefer to live in New York. She and Tom have been leading increasingly separate lives.’
Despite the distance between them Katie and Tom have made a huge effort to keep their marriage alive, with Tom frequently flying to New York to see his family.
However, last month Katie spent the couple’s two-year wedding anniversary alone as she headed to work. Tom was nowhere to be seen.”

So is there trouble in Paradise or is Katie finally taking a stand against Tom?
They UK’s paper goes on to say:

“Meanwhile, Katie’s friendship with Victoria Beckham is back on track after a rumoured falling out.
Katie was accused of stealing her pal’s style, stepping out in a outfits very similar to those worn by Posh.
The Cruises were among the first to welcome the Beckham clan to America in spectacular style, and for a time Katie and Victoria were almost inseparable.
But until recently, they hadn’t been photographed together in almost six months.
There were some claims the friendship cooled because the Beckhams had refused to consider joining Scientology - a religion close to Tom’s heart.
There was also whispers of a simmering rivalry between Katie and Posh over their endeavours in the fashion world.”


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